Gardner Hamilton, born in Scotland, 29 April 1968. Gardner was surrounded by beautiful landscapes and dramatic lighting throughout his childhood. At the age of eleven years old Gardner bought his first 35mm manual analog camera and there his story begins. Spending his full vacation money on the first day of his vacation while in England on a family holiday he launched a passion and inquisitive enthusiasm for photography that would take him to where he is today with over 23 years of experience and over 530 weddings completed.

Now based in Chile, South America and working worldwide, Gardner now satisfies brides and grooms from Santiago and Vina del Mar, Chile to Manhattan, New York to London, England and beyond.

Gardner embraces your event and immerses himself into the day to ensure he has a comfortable relationship with the bride and groom but also to ensure he makes a good connection with the guests to enable everyone to feel relaxed and act naturally in front of his camera. Producing a true representation of the emotion and interaction of the people at a wedding is always the primary objective. Include this with Gardner’s artistic twist and you receive a fantastic and diverse selection of wedding day photos to delight you for a lifetime.

….as Gardner say’s…. “I believe that, beyond my formal qualifications in photography, my passion for wedding photography and search for self satisfaction presents to you a rare combination of someone who does not just photograph weddings, but a person who enjoys being involved in your day and who willingly takes the responsibility to create for you and your families a photographic archive that will tell the story of your wedding for years to come”

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