With so many diverse options today for brides and grooms, planning a wedding and selecting the right wedding photographer is a mine field. While providing great photographs to completely report the story of your day and along with all the must have artistic and formal wedding photographs of your special day Gardner provides the following coverage to ensure your wedding day is covered perfectly.

Before the wedding.

1 or 2 meetings to share ideas and ensure a smooth event.
Assistance with planning the days chronology.

Locations Scouted

Day of wedding.

  • Photography in 22.2 Fullframe and 18 Megapixels technology.
  • Bride preparation photography and portraits.
  • *Groom preparation photography and portraits.
  • Photographs of details such as Wedding Dress, Shoes, Bouquet, Rings, etc
  • Wedding Ceremony photography.
  • Bride and Groom official Artistic Portraits.
  • Family Formal Portraits.
  • Cocktail photographs of guests interacting.
  • Wedding Reception including Formal Toasts, First Dance and Cutting Cake.
  • *Table Photographs of Guests.
  • Party, Bouquet Throw, Garter Throw, dancing and interactions of guests. * Depending on the chronology of the day

After the Wedding (approx 4 weeks)

  • 4 duplicate DVD of photographs in High Resolution Digital Quality
  • All photographs in full size without watermarks
  • Freedom to Print and Share photographs (not for commercial use)
  • All images are in .JPG format for FaceBook, Pintrest, Twitter, Flickr and Blogs etc